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Playa playa playa

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Throughout my years of taking public transportation I’ve observed that Bums typically will sprawl out on a whole row on BART, sit by they stank ass piss covered self knowing damn well no one will wanna sit next to them or stand….
This sleeping bag wearin vagabond bitch (not because she’s a female) had the audacity to sit her putrid ass down next to me.
I don’t know her situation.
I don’t know what got her ratty ass so fucked up to the point where she has to live like this but it does not fucking matter.
I don’t have a single fuck to relinquish.
There is no excuse for pissin yourself and thinking it’s ok to go sit next to anyone.
It smelt like she was peeing the whole time she was sitting down.
Fucked my night up and now y’all gotta hear about it.


The skull of the Chinese Water Deer is one of the most iconic skulls out there. 

Like many small Asian deer species, it does not have antlers. Instead the males fight each other with their extremely sharp tusks, slashing at rivals with downward head swings. 

When not actively shanking others, the tusks can be folded back slightly., so they don’t interfere with eating. 

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